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The restaurant Nuovacina was created to introduce an authentic Chinese cuisine and brings with it all the flavours and traditions of the Far East. The chef with his family has recreated a real corner of China. Just like his homeland culture where the values of conviviality and abundance are central and are all to be discovered and savoured.


over 20 years of experience

An experience that began way back in 1996. Nuovacina, led in the kitchen by the Chef and his family, pays homage to the chef's homeland in every detail. Offering an opportunity for dialogue and integration between two cultures, Eastern and Italian. Apparently distant but which manage to find a meeting point at the table.


ingredients & spices

Using traditional ingredients and spices such as shiitake mushrooms and Sichuan pepper. The chef creates the perfect harmony of flavours, tastes, colours and textures in his dishes. From wok-fried vegetables, crispy and light tempura fries to dim sum dumplings with a variety of fillings. Nuovacina offers a wide range of Asian specialities to choose from taking you into a journey with authentic flavours of the East.




We're proud of ourselves on making dishes every day in our kitchens and to serve them to you fresh and hot. This means that our kitchens often handle many of the following allergens:





-Cereals containing gluten







-Sesame seeds

-Soy and derivatives


If you have any questions, concerns or you would like more information, please ask to a member of the staff.

This guide has been produced for information purposes only. While every effort is made to ensure that there is no cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that any item is free from allergenic ingredients.


reserve a table

Contact us to reserve your table or call us at the following number: 051442318

Via Toscana 12/3, 40141, Bologna


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